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Watermark Photos with Exif and IPTC Metadata

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to watermark your photos with Exif and IPTC metadata (e.g. camera model, shutter speed, date taken and the like) in BatchBlitz.




Want to watermark your photos with such information as camera model, shutter speed, date photo was taken and the like?

In technical terms, these information are are called metadata and are stored in some named data blocks (e.g. Exif and IPTC) of the photo files.

Since version 3.0, BatchBlitz provides a series of macros for you to retrieve the Exif and IPTC metadata with ease.

For example, to retrieve the camera model info of a photo, you can use the macro $EXIF_MODEL. As shown in the left image, the camera model is Canon PowerShot A80.

View All Metadata

To view all metadata of a photo, just right click it in the Files or Source Images pane, then select option "Image Properties" from the context menu.

To Watermark Photos With Metadata

In BatchBlitz, the Add Text action enables you to watermark photos with Exif and IPTC metadata.

Suppose we'd like to watermark our photos with a cameral model text stamp. Choose File > New to create a new task, then follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select source images.

In Source view, select one or more photos into the Source Images list. These are the photos that will be watermarked.


Step 2: Specify where to store the watermarked photos.

In Output view, specify a folder for the watermarked photos.


Step 3: Add an Add Text action.

In Actions view, click button on the toolbar above the actions list. In the shown "Add Actions" dialog, check item "Add Text" and press OK.

You can also double-click the empty area of the actions list to invoke this dialog.

Now the actions list has an "Add Text" action. Make sure to activate it by checking the Active option. See below:


Step 4: Customize this Add Text action.

To edit the added action, just double-click its icon or label. This invokes the "Action Properties" dialog for the Add Text action.

Here we need to set the "Text" entry to "$EXIF_MODEL", or we can insert this macro into the edit control by clicking the button to the right (as shown below), then select Exif Info > $EXIF_MODEL from the popup menu.

Here we'd like to place the text on the bottom-right corner, leaving a 20-pixel margin on the left and bottom sides of the image. See below:

Now let's set the font face and size using the text format tools. See below:

Click OK to close the "Action Properties" dialog.

Step 5: Start the task.

Now we've got everything ready and we can start the task. Just click button on the main toolbar.

Want to Learn More about Metadata?

The BatchBlitz online documentation provides more detailed information on the Exif/IPTC macros.